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MCX4/MCX6 CNC Forming Grinder

CNC milling cutter grinder is suitable for powerful and efficient forming grinding of straight groove, spiral groove, spiral side edge, arbitrary shape groove and plane of milling cutter, blade, hobbing wheel and other parts.


—Powerful high speed precision grinding technology is 3-5 times efficiency grinding of traditional groove grinding.

—Multifunctional manipulators and on-line measurement options facilitate production from small batches to long periods

—No one operates automatically.

—Powerful high-speed precision grinding technology is 3-5 times the efficiency of traditional groove grinding.

—Grinding wheel dressing is the key point of forming grinding. It achieves high dressing accuracy and flexibility through dexterous mechanical design, special software design and tool combination drive.

—For grinding high-speed steel products, Beiping software has mature grinding wheel forming and dressing technology.

Main Technical Features: